Add a Touch of Elegance with the Prong Set Long Straight Nose Pin

Nose studs are available in a wide range of varieties. Made out of a range of materials including Bioplast, BioFlex, 316L steel and titanium, nose pins can really make you look elegant, more so if you opt for prong set long straight nose pin. This nose pin accentuates your facial features and also adds a touch of sensuality. Once the pierced area has healed completely, you can consider wearing jewelry of your choice. The prong set long straight nose pin is classy and sleek and you can wear it not only on special occasions but also on a regular basis.1mm silver claw nose

Why Prong Set Long Straight Nose Pin?
The size of the prong set long pin is 20g-21mm and is made of 925 Sterling Silver. You can also opt for mixed colors. Priced at $0.79, you can avail mixed colors as well. Bulk purchases will get you quantity discounts. You can consider giving these as gifts to your loved ones. If you like what you see but wish to postpone the purchase, you can add the item to your cart for purchasing it later.  The design of the nose pin combined with its attractive price point make the purchase worth considering.
You can view the design of the nose pin and then decide on the purchase. The nose pin can also double up as earring. Yes, you got it right. The prong set long straight nose pin thus serves twin purposes and can offer you complete value for money.

How to Choose the Right Nose Pin?
A nose pin is one of the most attractive pieces of jewelry that you can have in your collection. It makes you look really attractive. However, you should go ahead with a nose piercing only when you are absolutely sure about it and can carry it off with full confidence and élan. Getting a nose pierced isn’t a taboo any more as it used to be. Instead it has become extremely popular these days and many people can be seen going for it to get a new look for themselves. After you have decided to get your nose pierced, the next thing in line is to decide on the kind of nose piercing jewelry that you would like to wear.  There are plenty of options available but you need to choose one that suits your facial features and would therefore add to your look. Opt for the prong set long straight nose pin and will not be disappointed.

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