Add Sparkle to your Lips with Lip Piercings

As is evident from the name, lip piercing is done on the areas around the lip piercings. The lips take around 1 to 3 months to heal completely after the piercing is done. However, one needs to take care of the pierced area well. Otherwise, there is always a possibility of infections. Other jewelry can be put on only once the pierced area has healed completely. Initial jewelry generally comprises a captive bead ring or a labret that is made from implant grade titanium or high grade surgical stainless steel or any other metal of the same weight. The initial jewelry should always have room for swelling that takes place initially. It can be later on replaced with a closer fitting piece.

Types of Lip Piercings
There are different types of lip piercings, much more than the number of ear piercings. These can be classified into single piercings and sets or piercings called bites. Almost all bite piercings are lip piercings. However, there are variations like venom bites, which is nothing but tongue piercing and vampire bites which is done on the neck.

Some of the most common forms of single lip piercings include the Monroe piercing, the standard lip piercing, Medusa piercing, Madonna piercing, vertical labret piercing, labret piercing, Dahlia piercing and Jestrum piercing. Bite piercings include Angel Bites piercing, Snake Bites piercing, Spider Bites piercing, Dolphin Bites piercing and Cyber Bites piercing. Popular 4 piercings include Shark Bites piercing and Canine Bites piercing.

Lip Piercing Jewelry
When it comes to lip piercing jewelry, there is a wide range of stuff to choose from. One can wear all kinds of lip piercing jewelry including circular barbells, labret stud monroe tragus and ball closure rings. Lip studs are suitable for piercings made lower down on the UV  lip. These come with a flat back plate that is placed comfortably against the teeth and gums and thereby do not cause any damage to the mouth. You can also use lip retainers which can either hide your lip piercing or keep it open at the time of medical procedure or a visit to the dentist . They are soft and flexible and are available in a wide array of skin colored designs.

One can also use spare balls for lip studs as these can be easily changed from time to time to create a new look. This kind of jewelry comes in a wide variety of materials, colors and styles. Add sparkle to your look by creating a color coordinated look.

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