9k Solid Yellow Gold L Shaped Jeweled Nose Stud

9k Solid Yellow Gold L Shaped Jeweled Nose StudYou may have been contemplating piercing your nose more than once before. Well, you have always been a great admirer of body piercing after all! The time to go ahead and do it quickly has come and it will be advisable for you to visit your piercer as soon as possible now. But why should you rush to get your nose pierced?
The reasons are many and varied. The nose jewelry is back in vogue now and you just cannot afford to be left out. Your style statement is certainly going to take a beating sans the ubiquitous nose stud now. The global policy of looking East is also taking shape and following the exotic culture of the eastern lands will certainly give you a sense of belonging. Last but not the least, you will just not be able to keep your hands off once you set your eyes on the marvelous collection of wholesale piercings that piercebody.com presents. There is no dearth of designs and you will be able to get the stud of your choice in any material you fancy.
There is no reason to clean out your pockets by choosing to go with pure 22K gold though. 9K gold is good enough for your needs now. You do not have to think of additional security or hire a safe deposit box when you have the nose stud lying in your room while you are away. You can even choose to wear it on a regular basis. Just make sure that you give it a good, hard rub with a clean cloth once you remove it carefully from your nose at the end of each day. Be sure to store it in an airtight box as well. This will help you to make the most of your 9k Solid Yellow Gold L Shaped Jeweled Nose Stud as the color will be retained for a long time this way.
The solid yellow gold in the form of a L shaped bar looks beautiful indeed! However, you can always request for the same nose stud in white gold and ensure obtaining it by paying $0.15 over and above the standard price of $2.00 per piece. The sparkling CZ of the highest quality is set at another end of your nose stud too. It will lend you both dignity and sophistication while you grace any occasion. Size matters, however. The CZ in your nose stud is no exception either. Feel free to ask for the exact size (1.5 mm-2.5 mm) that you fancy.

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