9k Gold Star CZ Jeweled Nose Stud

Having a bit of gold  star cz jeweled nose stud on your person is great! It surely uplifts your mood and lends you that classy look that you have long admired in aristocrats. No, nobody is asking you to go out dressed from head to toe in heavy gold jewelry a la the Indian queens of yesteryears but then a hint of gold will definitely make your presence felt whether you go to a party or choose to have a quiet promenade with a special friend.

Gold is good, no doubt but are you sure you can afford it? Well, the purest form of gold may not quite be affordable for you especially, if you happen to be a young person yet to hold a serious full time job. Fret not, go for the gold alloys this time. There are umpteen choices in front of you. The best bet would be to go with the 9K variety that may not be 100% pure but you can boast of its durability and permanence especially, if you promise to get it polished every now and then.

It happens to be extremely affordable too. Just look at this exquisite gold nose stud designed with the 9 karat form. It also has a cute star shaped CZ stone embedded within it. Yes, it is definitely going to make you stand out and give your pierced nose look tantalizing at the same time. The senior lot might scoff at the prospect of wearing a nose stud nowadays, dismissing it as an Eastern trend but be assured that a nose ring or stud is back in fashion once again and you can carry it off with everything from formals to casuals and even a swimsuit.

Be sure to gift yourself with this quaint nose stud even, if your boyfriend is not thinking of it at the moment. Come on, you can do it for it will cost you only $2.35 each when you buy 2 at a time. No, it will not be wasted at all. Feel free to gift it to your sister or bestie on their birthdays or Christmas whichever comes first and be assured of lifelong loyalty from each of them.

No, you cannot go around looking for comparable prices at every jewelry store in your neighborhood though. There is only one specific location where you can avail of such affordable rate and that is at piercebody.com, the best body jewelry site. Simply log in and take your pick!


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