9K Gold Natural Pearl Nose Screw

Fresh water pearls have a unique appeal and these can make an ornament look charming and elegant. This particular nose accessory has a lovely combination of gold and pearl making it appear luxurious. Nose screw is a perfect choice for daily life. Women who love to wear it on a regular basis often choose nose screws because they sit securely on the nose. The nose screw here is made of 9k gold and has a curve in the end to secure it on the nose. If you are trying it out for the first time, then a nose screw is a better choice because it sits flat on the inside of the nose causing less hurt and pain.
This nose screw is made of 9k gold which means it has 9 parts gold and 15 parts other metal making it quite strong to withstand wear and tear and scratch. It also implies that the nose screw is light in weight; only 20g in thickness so you can continue to wear it all the time. A gold nose screw is an excellent choice for regular wear because it is a small ornament which does not occupy much space on your face but at the same time has the capacity to transform your look into a glamorous woman. It is elegant, sophisticated and of course adds glamour to your plain look. The pearl used here is natural and is set in prongs on the gold body of the nose screw.
The natural pearl in the jewelry item in 2mm which is a small one but enough to shine and look beautiful. The best part of this jewelry piece is its natural pearl which is rare. By owning this natural pearl nose screw you will be the proud owner of a rare exotic and natural pearl. Natural pearls as understood from the term are not farmed or cultured by people but are found in the mollusks. Hence, they are rare and expensive. Piercebody brings to you this exclusive pearl item at an affordable price. The natural pearls have the most rounded shape and a brilliant white luster which distinguishes it from a farmed pearl.
One in 10,000 mollusks actually produces pearls. Hence, this item has a rare pearl in it which cannot be compared to any other jewelry item that you own by far. The pearl sitting pretty on your nose will make head turn!

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