Spectacular 9K Gold Multi Square Jeweled Stud Earring

9K Gold Multi Jeweled Square Ear StudThe stud earring is one of the most basic earring types which men and women love to wear because its functional, low profile, easy to handle and maintain and less costly. This 9k gold multi square jeweled stud earring pair is beautiful and stylish and can be obtained at a low price from Piercebody. Over all these years, Piercebody has brought to you some lovely and exquisite stud earrings which have been made from high quality products and jewels. The CZ used in this particular pair is top quality and adds the dazzle quotient to the item.

Types of Studs

There are basically 3 types of ear studs- the standard pre-assembled stud earrings, the standard pre-assembled stud earrings with alterations and finally stud earrings that are custom-made. Whichever metal is used to make stud earrings must fulfill the criteria of being comfortable and durable. These 2 are the basic qualities that buyers take into account before buying. The earring post is an integral part and that must be made in a way in which it does not interfere with the comfort of the wearer. Quality posts hold up well and are distortion resistant. A good post will be 11m in length and 0.85 meter in diameter. The tip of the post will be well-rounded, highly polished and smooth.

Stud Earrings Backs

With this particular stud earring, there are 2 types of locking mechanisms. You can either opt for the 9k gold butterfly which also looks beautiful with the earring or a rubber lock which is comfortable and best suited for longer posts. Earring backs are available in the market in different weights. The range includes light, medium and heavy weighing backs. Some of the locks offer high security. The high security locks feature spring-loaded clips which must be pressed by the person wearing the stud earrings to release the back.

It is noteworthy that stud earrings are the best choice for modern working women as well men who love to show their style with their choice of jewelry items. A stud earring is smaller in size which makes it easy to wear and remove. Since there are various types of locks available, you can buy whichever you think is best, secure and comfortable for you. Stud earrings have been in fashion since a long time and will remain trendy forever. This diamond shaped stud earring is gorgeous and sparkling.

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