9k Gold Multi Jeweled Square Ear Stud

9K Gold Multi Jeweled Square Ear StudGold jewelry has fascinated people since time immemorial. From kings to nobles and ordinary folks there is no denying the lure of gold. It is not too wise to fight the lust for gold jewelry therefore especially when you want to show off your newly pierced ears. However, getting your hands on 24K gold may seem a bit remote especially when you are a young person who is yet to bag a lucrative job. Buying precious jewelry in order to adorn your ears sounds a little farfetched in this case, isn’t it? Why don’t you go for other bio flex materials that are both inexpensive and easy to wear?

Wait! You just cannot imagine anything but gold in your ears. So, what do you do now? Opt for the more cost effective alloys of gold of course! Take 9K gold for instance! It is more durable with the enticing gleam of gold that is all too familiar. Silver, copper, platinum, and nickel may be the other metals in the composition though. You need to be careful of skin irritations and dermatitis only if your skin is allergic to nickel. The other metals are not likely to cause any harm.

Another advantage that you can hope for while choosing 9K gold as the base material for your ear jewelry is the size. Why should you settle for a miniscule ear stud when you can show off your new piercing with a bang? So a spectacular ear stud it is, one that has multiple jewels winking from your ear and driving your acquaintances crazy with envy.

Yes, you can go for any shape that you want of course but just log into piercebody.com once and you are sure to be hooked for life. The object of your attraction is a square ear stud here that keeps glittering with every move you make thanks to the multiple cubic zirconia embedded in it. Fret not, they are of the highest quality available and you will end up looking as classy as royalty. It may not be too wise to wear it on a regular basis though. It is just not practical as the color wears off a bit when compared to pure gold and the novelty lessens too.

The quality may be high but the price is certainly not. Where else can you get a gorgeous pair of CZ encrusted ear studs in solid gold in exchange for $9.50 only? Trust piercebody to be this cost effective!

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