9K Gold Multi Jeweled Heart Ear Stud

Ear studs have remained a favorite through ages among men and women as a piercing jewelry. Apparently unassuming, the stud can actually make you look like a rockstar just like the teen diva Taylor Swift. It is chic, cute and trendy always. She has her initials on her ear studs and looks gorgeous with that on. So, studs have always been the favorite of celebs and commoners alike. Moreover, if the studs are made of gold, it is even more stylish because hardly any other metal can duplicate the charm and glow of gold. Piercebody has an amazing line of gold studs for the piercing enthusiasts.
The 9k gold multi jeweled heart ear stud looks fascinating and it sparkles on your ears making it visible from a great distance. This gorgeous stud is made in the shape of a heart which is another popular motif and hasn’t lost its popularity to other competitors. A combination of a golden heart can really make you the diva or the god of fashion. The heart is absolutely studded with stones making it a glittering heart which basks in the warm glow of gold along with the dazzling stones. Pair it up with any outfit and you are ready for the show.
In fact, a stud can be used on the earlobe, helix, conch, rook, tragus and so on. It can be used in any part of the ear and you will look equally great with that. Moreover, the stud can be a great part in a combination of earrings. Extreme piercing enthusiasts often love to experiment with their looks which make them combine different kinds of ear piercings. Studs can become a part of that combination very easily. For instance, you can try the stud in a combination of single tragus and double earlobe piercing. Whether you use the stud for tragus or earlobe is upto you.
The shape of this heart stud and the stones will ensure that it looks great at any position. In fact, the earlobe is a part where multiple piercings are supported easily. You can opt for triple and even quadruple earlobe piercings. In that case, you can have the stud in the middle of the lobe or slightly at the top. Even better wear the stud on the tragus and combine rings along with dangling earrings for the earlobe piercings. It looks great with modern

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