9k Gold Multi Jeweled Flower Ear Stud

9K Gold Multi Jeweled Flower Ear StudYou might feel a twinge of envy on seeing a scintillating flower shaped ear stud in your friend’s ears. The sparkling diamonds fill you with a helplessness too as you know that you will not be able to afford such expensive adornments. Wait a bit! All is not lost, surely! Simply ask your friend about it and you will be relieved to know that the wonderful piece of ear stud that made you go green is indeed affordable. The only thing you need to do is breeze into the website of piercebody.com and check out the huge collection of piercing jewelry there.

The ear stud that set you aflame is indeed fabulous! It is shaped beautifully as a flower and is inlaid with multiple glittering stones, each one more shinning than the other. The glare is enough to make you noticeable even in the dark although you won’t be wearing any UV material over it. Surely, it is as good as gold! That was no pun! The ear ornament of your choice is indeed made with gold. However, it is not 100% pure and contains only 9 parts of pure gold that is commonly known as 9K gold.

Take a look at the price offered. You will surely not be able to believe your eyes. It is only $8.00, a price that is even less than the ordinary consumer goods that you keep purchasing without rhyme or reason. Yes, it is hard to pass by especially when you learn how durable it is. You can safely keep wearing the flower studs in your ears without any fear of them getting scratched or breaking off suddenly.

9K gold, however, does not gleam quite like pure yellow gold. No worries on that score once you settle for this particular item of 9k gold multi jeweled flower ear stud though. The design is such that very little of the yellow gold is obvious as the high quality CZ stones in the front fill your ears with their glitter and glare. The only yellow tinge that you can see will be behind your ear lobe and any discoloration due to prolonged use is not going to make you face awkward questions ever.

You are welcome to secure the ear stud firmly with the aid of solid yellow gold backing that comes at an added expense of $2.50. The simple rubber butterfly backing is yours for asking too especially if you do not want to pay extra. The choice is yours!

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