9K Gold L Shaped Nose Stud with Genuine Diamond

9K Gold L Shaped Nose StudIt is time to celebrate your freedom now. Go ahead and buy yourself a trinket that you had long coveted. Sure, you had hoped for a diamond so long but failed to purchase it until now. Forget boyfriends and family. Why should you keep hoping that someone else will clean up their savings on your behalf? It is best to please yourself instead! So turn your eyes to this spectacular nose stud available at piercebody.com. It sure beats the over the top jewelry stores that are specialized in such wholesale nose studs jewelry.
Forget pure gold for now. Your diamond will just not sit firm in it, pure gold or 22K gold is too soft. It might be much better to opt for the 9K variety instead. This alloy of gold happens to be both durable and resistant to scratch, a trait that gives you the perfect excuse to grab it immediately. The L shaped stud glitters nonetheless although it contains silver, copper, and other metals along with gold.
It is a great time to admire the genuine diamond that is going to be yours now. Look at the round cut that is famous for its brilliance and marvel at the play of lights on this bright, dazzling stone that has the capacity of mesmerizing you. The color G and clarity of SI1 will give you the satisfaction of looking for all the 4Cs that are essential in a diamond.
Sure, you have a fortune riding on your nose now. However, you do not have to take exhaustive security measures here. The 9K gold is not considered to be gold in the United States of America and you can rest assured that it will not be stolen once you declare the type of gold you are wearing on your person. Another advantage that the 9K gold nose stud with geniune diamond brings to you is its sturdiness. It will not bend easily and the l shape will remain as it is for years together. So the expense of repairing it regularly is done away with giving you the chance to heave a sigh of relief that it is strictly going to be a onetime expense only.
True, you may not be able to get a good resale value for the entire nose stud, if you wish to part with it after a few months. There is no real reason to fret, however, especially when you are getting the entire ornament along with a genuine diamond for as low as $8.50.

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