9k Gold L Shaped Heart Nose Stud

Gold is still the most precious and popular metal for body jewelry. A large number of jewelry items are made from gold and yellow gold is the conventional choice for such items. The popularity of gold is still unbeaten due to its color, texture and richness. A nose ring crafted from 9k yellow gold is definitely a classically beautiful piece adorning a woman’s nose. Nose pins are worn for purely fashionable reasons in some parts of the world while some communities attach sentiments, social status and also traditional customs to these cute items. Whatever the reason be a gold nose pin can be worn for all the seasons.
This particular nose stud crafted from 9k yellow gold in the shape of a heart is such a visual treat for the onlookers and is a matter of pride for the wearer. It looks stunning with a flawless finish and glossy appeal. The smoothness in the texture is evident of the craftsman’s excellence. With a thickness of only 22g it sits pretty on the nose of any woman who wishes to carry it gracefully. A nose stud can actually change the way you look because it is worn on the face and is directly visible casting an impact on the personal style of the pretty woman wearing it. Since it is an L shaped stud it is easy to wear and remove also whenever you like it.
Gold jewelry is durable and therefore the nose stud brought to you by pierecebody is no exception. It will last long; however, you may have to get it polished after a considerable amount of time to restore its shine. This is particularly required if you are wearing it on a regular basis. This nose stud is great as a style statement and you can continue to wear it on a regular basis. However, if you wish to remove it for some time, then you can do that as well.  In fact, it is wise to remove the nose pin after prolonged periods so that you can clean it and also the place you put this on. It helps in maintaining your hygiene and also in preserving the item.
One of the best parts of this 9k yellow gold nose stud is that it comes at an extremely reasonable price. Hence, you can buy it regardless of how much money you have. Whether you are a student or a working professional or a homemaker, this nose stud is for all.

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