9K Gold Jeweled Coil Straight Nose Stud

The way to a man’s heart may be through his stomach but the fair sex is not such a glutton. She prefers delicate things and therefore the best way to win her heart is to gift her with gold. True, a chunky gold nugget or ingot, if you like would not do the trick either but do remember to gift her a trinket fashioned out of this yellow precious metal and you would have got her attention for life. So, go ahead and do some research before you part with your hard earned money and try to think like her. What would she like, after all?

Well, less is more in the present times right? It definitely suits your pocket too so think of a delicate gold stud for her pierced nose first. Yes, it looks cute and can actually set your soul singing. The exotic appeal is not something you can find easily yet here you are on the verge of getting to see it thanks to a beautiful gold coil that she wears on her nose.

You will get no prizes for hopping into a jewelry store in order to select it though, not when you have the advantage of login into piercebody.com whenever you please. A long, hard look at the straight nose studs on display is certain to have you hooked. A solid gold stud that has a lovely cubic zirconia embedded is sure to set you back by many a dollar, right? Well, you cannot be far from the truth here! The gorgeous stud at this unique online store happens to be within your means. Yes, you can have it and then please her simply by paying $2.99. Isn’t that astounding?

Yes! Of course! But do look at the description carefully. You are not spending it on 100% pure gold here. The nose stud is made of 9K gold jeweled coil straight nose stud that means an alloy of various metal with 9 parts of 24 being gold. No worries, it continues to glitter as merrily as the best quality gold as well as safeguards your hard earned savings. Where else can you hope for such an opportunity?

The only catch is to keep it shining brightly for years together. 9K gold is apt to tarnish, you know. So remind her to be careful with it and never wear it to the shower. Just giving it a good, hard wipe with a clean dust cloth is going to keep it clean and your girl is sure to think of you every time she breathes and that is every second of her life.

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