9k Gold I Shaped Jeweled Coil Nose Stud

Yes, you have all the makings of being the next fashionista in town. But what about the jewelry you wear? Sure, the commonplace ear rings make you look pretty but then they are nothing extraordinary and you do need to put the spotlight on to you. It is time to eye the very latest trends in jewelry today. Viola! The nose stud is back in fashion!
All you have to do is to visit a reliable piercer with your request. Do read up on the pros and cons vis-à-vis nose piercings though. You also need to be clear about your future and personal relationships here since a small nose stud may well be the cause of your employer’s wrath or may mar your close family relationships as well.
Take care not to get the newly pierced area infected in any way as you may have to deal with pain and other problems afterwards. It would also be wise to let the pierced nose heal completely before you look forward to adorning your piercing.
Shopping for nose jewelry is fun indeed especially when you have the freedom of doing it from the comfort of your own home. Do check out the exquisite online free shipping body jewelry shop that goes by the name of piercebody.com and all your prayers are going to be answered.
It is time to be amazed by the sheer volume of nose jewelry collection at the piercebody store. However, it is best to opt for the 9K gold variety, if you want a glint of the shinning yellow metal on your nose. Since 9K is a gold alloy that contains a bit of silver as well as copper, you do not have to worry over much about your nose stud losing its color rapidly. Treat it with care by removing it carefully every time you return home from an outing and you are going to do good. The warm yellow metal will actually make you take on that exotic look you have so admired from afar.
The design merits more than a glance too. The beautiful coil sitting pretty at the side of your nose is sure to draw attention far and wide. Look at the genuine crystal that creates a perfect contrast with the L shaped bar fashioned out of 9K gold l shaped coil nose stud. You have the option of choosing between aqua, pink, and clear when it comes to the color of the stone.
It might be a great idea to buy all 3 together though. It will give you an opportunity to get each stud at the wholesale rate of $2.99.

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