9k Gold Hoop Nose Ring

Gold hoop nose rings are a quick and easy way to use nose accessory fashionably. The best part with hoop nose rings is that you can either have your nose pierced or wear it without nose piercing. The seamless nose ring hoop can be worn without a real piercing as it has an overlapping part which closes on enabling the wearer to wear the nose ring without any piercing. Other nose hoop rings are worn with piercing and is a great fashion statement. Nose hoop rings have been a rage through many years as it is worn by teenagers as well as middle aged women.

Nose hoop rings add a lot of chutzpah to your evening party look or a college fest look. They are easy to maintain and can be worn and removed with ease especially after the piercing has healed. A nose hoop ring is a good choice for new piercings because it does not sit on your skin and hangs from the piercing thereby causing less contact with the pierced skin causing less damage to the skin if any. Hoop rings have existed through ages and are the most common form of nose jewelry worn by women. In India brides wear hoop rings singularly or connected with tiaras as a mark of being wed. These hoop rings are generally expensive and embellished with precious gemstones.

Hoop nose rings can be worn on nostril piercing and also on septum piercing. Depending on how would you like to wear it, you can choose the septum ring. Some people like to keep it hidden inside with only the balls ends of the barbell showing while others like to display the ring side. If you belong to the second category then a hoop nose ring is a good choice. It will hang from your septum without causing much distraction from your face while still making a fashion statement.

9k gold is chosen most of the times for such small facial ornaments because they are light in weight and are durable. The hoop nose ring brought to you by piercebody is also inexpensive. A nose ring is the smallest and most of the times the most cheap accessory you can use to add zing to your attire. A gold ring shines and glows to add that glamour to your look. It’s rich and warm texture renders a unique appeal to the gold hoop nose ring.

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