9k gold emerald jeweled nose stud

It is time to grab a few trinkets for yourself that will keep you prepared for formal occasions. Sure, you have a collection of beautiful earrings, necklaces et al but it is now time to move a step further and enthrall one and all with an adorable nose stud that glints most attractively. Well, you may not have a lot of spare cash as you are young and just embarking on a livelihood. But why worry when you have the best solutions in hand?
Look into piercebody.com for their spectacular nose stud collection and log out with the satisfaction of great achievement. You are surely not going to be able to resist that exotic looking emerald atop a 9K nose stud that can make you stand apart on any occasion. Gold is regarded as an investment but why should you be bothered with security by spending all your savings? The additional burden of having to lock it up as soon as you are home is a pain indeed.
The best option is to look for feasible alternatives to pure gold jewelry. Select the 9K gold and revel in the admiring glances coming your way. Your cute nose looks cuter when adorned simplistically and you do not have to be dressed to kill either. Less is more in today’s day and age and a tiny nose stud with a sparkling emerald stone set in 9K gold can definitely give you the edge over your rivals.
Sure, the purity of gold is not 100% here and you will not be able to get a good price for it should you ever want to sell. But it will certainly be worthy in other ways, enough to pay back the miniscule amount of $1.70 many times over in terms of satisfaction. Be sure to check around and you will find piercebody.com, the best body jewellery source that offers the best value for your money. The design is too good to pass too, so gear up to grab at least 3 of these nose studs together in order to get it at the body jewellery wholesale rate specified in their website.
You might even be glad that you did not opt for anything more valuable than 9K gold emerald jeweled nose stud as the metal tends to be less durable as its purity increases. The emerald on the nose stud is destined to remain put on account of the durable gold in this case and scratches are few and far between on 9 parts of gold.

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