925 Sterling Silver Zirconia Crystal Earring

925 Sterling Silver Zirconia Crystal EarringMultiple ear piercings are shading their rebellious connotation and are becoming more acceptable in mainstream fashion day by day with people opting for small, subtle and sophisticated jewelry items. Hence, the term ear composition is in now. They have become the icon of non-committal fashion statement and with losing their aggression they have been associated with fashion and variety much more. In fact, more and more professionally experienced piercers are opting for ear composition which is a customized piercing solution for enthusiasts who are going under the needle for multiple piercings. In this, the piercer takes into account the shape of the ear before piercing it so that suits the personality really well.

All these piercings with jewelry items are so subtle and small in nature that they are hardly visible from a distance. That is the idea behind this ear composition movement. This phenomenon does not scream for attention, instead it works on defying it. Therefore, ears are adorned with smaller, more beautiful and subtle items to avoid attention but to enjoy fashion. This is helping more and more people to war jewelry at their workplace. The ear composition has become an art with beautiful items placed neatly on various parts of the ear which is becoming quite addictive for those who are already sporting the style trend.

This style really caters to the aesthetic piercing devotee with lovely patterns created on the ears with the jewelry pieces. Ear composition has really helped bringing back the focus to ears and that too without chunky blings this time. It is interesting to note that the piercing studios in NYC are filled with clients all the time who want a piece of ear composition on their ears; celebs and commoners alike. Looks like this trend is not going to fade away soon.

Now if you wish to create a stir in your image, then combine these elegant and subtle items with this equally graceful 925 sterling silver zirconia crystal earring. The aqua color looks feminine and combined with the other piercings it can work wonders for your look. Whether you are going to office to a party, this cute pair can be your trustworthy style companion. This open ended hoop hangs on your ear artistically and enhances your appeal. The best part about this earring is that it blends with your fashion completely without making you look OTT.

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