925 Sterling Silver Jeweled Flying Angel Pendant

925 Sterling Silver Jeweled Flying Angel PendantSilver jewelry and that too made of 925 Sterling silver is on high demand always. There are very few metals which can match the popularity of silver because it is versatile, beautiful, charming and also cheaper than gold or platinum. Silver has a lovely subdued charm and it can never go over the top. When you wear silver jewelry it always adds a charm to your personality and complements the dress you are wearing for any occasion. Silver jewelry can be worn on any occasion because it is versatile and goes overboard. It looks equally charming with formal and casual attires.

Thus, silver is everybody’s favorite. The sterling silver variety of silver which is normally used to craft jewelry items is a strong and durable metal. The only problem with silver is that it tends to lose its luster with time. So, you have to make sure that you polish it from time to time and store the items in a place where it does not come in contact with lot of other metals. This charming 925 Sterling Silver Jeweled Flying Angel Pendant  is perfect for any kind personality, skin tone and dress.

The delicate pendant has perfect shape and flawless finish. Since, silver has an inherent shine, the pendant looks quite glossy and beautiful. The fancy shape of the pendant is so ethereal that it can melt any woman’s heart. You can gift it to your mother, wife, girlfriend or even your daughter on any special occasion and she will definitely like it. In fact, silver jewelry is also quite preferred by men because it is too loud. However, this flying angel looks extremely feminine and will enhance the beauty of the lady wearing it with a chain which is preferably made from silver or white gold. A gold chain will go well with the hue of silver.

There is also a CZ on the pendant which increases the appeal of the pendant a thousand times. The white CZ is held by the flying angel as a good luck charm that she will bestow on the person wearing the pendant. So, this Sterling silver pendant is not only stylish but also a good luck charm. Team it up with your high collared formal shirt or your low neck LBD, the silver pendant never fails to add charm to your personality. You can also try it with ethnic wear and shorts and tees, it is capable blending in with any ensemble.

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