925 Sterling Silver Hand Painted Man Ear Stud Plug

925 Sterling Silver Hand Painted Man Ear Stud PlugWant some variety in the studs you are wearing right now? Try the 925 sterling silver hand painted man ear stud plug from Piercebody at an affordable price but with an expensive look. This hand painted man ear stud plug will add some color and variety to your wardrobe. The stud ear plug looks great with casual and smart casual attires. So, you won’t have to worry about wearing a colorful stud at the next party you will be attending. Pair it up with anything from a pair of rugged jeans to a colorful printed skirt with cropped top, it will look awesome.

Made from 925 silver hand painted man ear stud plug which is a high grade variety of silver the item will last long and will not lose its luster fast. Since, the stud ear plug is hand painted with a lovely combination of deep purple and blue the color will also last long. The post and the butterfly are also made from silver and the butterfly secures the ear plug nicely on your earlobes. In fact, using a butterfly is easy because you can adjust the degree of tightness. This silver item will be your best gift to yourself.

However, while changing into this lovely piece if you wondering about the exact technique followed by your piercer when you first had your piercing, we will remind you of that. Firstly, the piercing technique is different for different parts. While piercing earlobes threaded needles or straight needles sterilized in autoclave is used for piercing a hole in the earlobe. The needles gently push the skin and leave the jewelry behind while coming out. For added safety, a piercing cork or a receiving tube is placed behind the lobe to catch the needle in case if hurts the bony area.

For a beginner a 16-12g is always the best choice because a labret stud or a captive bead ring is easily placed inside the hole. However, clients always want an 18g piercing to wear standard earrings. It is generally explained to the client that later you can change into whatever earring you like. Some piercers use piercing guns for earlobe piercings which is not at all hygienic; so protest against it. Now, if someone wants a bigger hole or wishes to gauge the earlobe that is a separate technique and should not be confused with normal earlobe piercing.

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