925 Sterling Silver Flower Dangle Earring

925 Sterling Silver Flower Dangle EarringBeautiful, bright, colorful flowers dangling down your ears complete your look for parties, ceremonies and events. No makeup is complete without right accessories and your bejeweled self is never complete without earrings. Dangling earrings is a part of high fashion these days and women wear various kinds of dangling earrings to complete their look for a special evening/night. This particular flower with leaves dangling sterling silver earrings adds glamour to your look. Made of sterling silver it has a smooth glossy finish with intricate flowery design and colored gemstones. Available in a wide range of colored gemstones, this 925 Sterling Silver Flower Dangle Earring is available at an incredible price at Piercebody.

Ear piercing has become a part of mainstream fashion and even children are having their ears pierced these days of course under their parents’ supervision. Body piercing has an incredible history and ear piercing is one of the original and most primitive body modification methods. Different types of piercings have gained importance in various ages. Ear piercing has certain symbolic significance in different cultures. Sometimes couples have their ears pierced together to signify their union.

Some people get their ears pierced to survive through tough times and also to get rid of abusive relationships. Parents in different countries give their daughters birthstone earrings post baptism or communion to improve health and wellness and usher in good luck. In some other cultures children, in fact, toddlers have their ears pierced with the belief that luck will be on their side and the child will not be affected by evil. Sometimes parents have their children’s ears pierced to make them wear a family heirloom which is a lucky charm.

Rings, studs, bars are common types of earrings whereas gauges and dangling earrings are becoming famous and popular with each passing day. Bars are generally worn through helix or tragus whereas rings can be worn anywhere right from lobes to tragus, helix and even antitragus or industrial areas. If you are getting a gauge then it will be called stretching and you can also wear other earrings along with a gauge to experiment with your look.

To have a less risky piercing, avoid piercing guns. Guns cannot be sterilized and additionally they may get stuck midway causing discomfort and strain on our ears. In case of re-piercing, guns must be avoided in order to minimize the risk of developing hypertrophic scar or auricular chondritis. Allow your piercing to heal completely and keep it clean to avoid any infection.

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