925 Sterling Silver Crystal Tear Drop Earring

925 Sterling Silver Crystal Tear Drop EarringTraditional piercings are coming back this year as style statement even stronger than it used to be a few years back. Earlobe piercings, one of the most traditional piercings is back with a bang now in the fashion circuit. The fashionista is appearing with not only earlobes pierced but also with tragus, helix, rook and daith pierced. People are resorting to all types of ear piercing studs wholesale once again to make style statements. If you wish to be the trendiest of them all, then have multiple piercings on your ears. Begin with the 925 sterling silver crystal tear drop earring on your earlobes to transform your style.

It is a beautiful jewelry item made of 925 silver with a flawless finish. The stud earring is studded with crystals in the shape of tear drop which makes it look ravishing. Different colors of crystals have been used to make the gorgeous stud earring and they glitter unparalleled. Mix and match the stud earrings with any dress and they look gorgeous all the time. The best quality of crystal is that it radiates light beautifully and this quality makes it look exquisite. These crystal drops are perfect for any grand occasion. The butterfly securing the earring is also made of 925 silver.

The interest in earrings has revived this year with various fashion and jewelry houses launching some interesting products at the runways. From asymmetrical earrings to single earrings all have been included in the experiment. Innovation has touched silver crystal earrings and now everyone from celebs to common people is experimenting with earrings and ear piercings.  The focus clearly has been on the earlobe since stretched earlobes have also become quite common now.

Not just the focus has shifted to earrings this season; it has shifted to smaller earrings also. Often the prettiest and the trendiest are the smaller ones that are worn on the earlobe and also on the other parts of ears. Earrings are also appearing in clusters which are now being termed as constellation piercings. Subtle, small and charming pieces worn together on the stretched earlobe are gradually becoming the look of the season. This look is best achieved with studs and that too crystal ones like this particular item. People are going for multiple ear piercings with tiny items so that they can wear them to work as well. So, the perception for ear piercing has clearly changed over the years

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