925 Sterling Silver Cat Earring

925 Sterling Silver Cat EarringThe cute cat has been a favorite jewelry design since ages. Elegant yet seductive in its own way, the cat is quite a popular jewelry motif. This animal is associated with different kinds of beliefs in various cultures. However, the jewelry designer world loves it for its shape and it cattiness. This particular cat is crafted out of sterling silver which has subdued allure and looks sophisticated and elegant. Sterling silver jewelry is durable and arguably the best metal in which the cat looks its best. Since it is a dangling piece of earring, the cat will correspond to your rhythmic movement.

Studded with semi-precious gemstone, the cat looks glittery and beautiful from afar. You can team it up with any dress; whether casual or formal and rock any look. Trendy, stylish and affordable this 925 Sterling Silver Cat Earring looks smart as well. It is interesting to note that the cat had been quite a famous jewelry motif over the years and ages. Evidences have been found of ancient people adorning themselves with earrings. In fact, the practice of earlobe piercing can be traced back to 5,000 years. World’s oldest mummy that of the Iceman has an earlobe stretching of 7-11mm.

Since then, evidences suggest that earlobe piercing had been present throughout history. The Bible has mentioned about Israelites having ear piercings and wearing earrings. The murals on Ancient Persian walls have depictions of warriors with pierced ears. It is quite interesting how the significance of wearing earrings have changed through the ages. According to famed anthropologists, ear piercing was first practiced by primitive tribes to defend themselves against evil spirits. In certain societies it was done to celebrate puberty. During the colonial era, sailors were influenced by the beliefs of the Native Americans and Indians and wore earrings to improve their eyesight.

During the 16th century men all around Europe used to wear earrings as a symbol of virility. This is also true of certain African tribes like Samburu where males have their ears pierced with ivory plugs as a sign of manhood and chivalry. Men from Masai and Pokot tribes also have earrings and plugs to demonstrate the same. Females in these tribes also have ear piercings right from lobes to helix to tragus to beautify themselves. Currently men around the world wear some form of earrings. It is also quite common in baby males to sport earrings nowadays.

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