925 Silver Open Hoop Nose Ring

925 Silver Open Hoop Nose Ring925 Silver Open Hoop Nose Ring

Open hoop nose rings seem to be the flavor and fashion of the season. The social media platform is full of selfies of famous celebs sporting hoop nose rings to flaunt their personal style and fashion trend. One such celeb is model Kendall Jenner who was recently at Coachella with her companions from where she posted her selfies displaying her gorgeous and huge silver hoop nose ring. It was quite surprising to the fashion industry and given the fact that she was seen in a series of provocative dresses this is hardly difficult to guess. The nose ring was gigantic and it was actually out-sizing her facial structure.

The sterling silver nose hoop ring had a diameter which enabled it to reach toward her cheek and lower lip. It is a fringed circle clip on accessory. To glam it up even more, in some photographs you can also spot a chain connecting it to the ear. She paired this gigantic and gorgeous hoop nose ring with a white tube top and super short Denim cutoffs. It is easy to understand that she actually wanted all the attention for her huge hoop nose ring. It is not just this celeb; there are others who are celebrating the charm of hoop rings.

Aspiring model Imogen Anthony also posed in her photo shoot with a golden hoop nose ring which was pretty huge. In keeping with her style and of course the color combination of her gown, the golden hoop nose ring made her look classical. Even Khloe Kardashian, the reality star with a huge fan following on social media flaunted her new look with the selfies she posted. Her selfies displayed a huge hoop nose ring which also had a chain connecting it to her ear. Her fans gave a mixed reaction on her new look with a wide range of comments.

That’s exactly what a hoop nose ring can do for you. It can make you the talk of the town. With its structure and appeal an open hoop nose ring is selling like hot piece of cake everywhere in the world. Piercebody has an amazing range of hoop nose rings for youngsters, young adults and adults. Funky, fun and stylish hoop nose rings are not only easy to wear; they are easy to remove as well. Available in a range of diameters at piercebody, open hoop nose ring with beads/balls can transform your look.

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