925 Silver Butterfly Nose Bone

925 Silver Butterfly Nose BoneThe 925 sterling silver butterfly nose bone offered by Piercebody is a beautiful work of craftsmanship. It is trendy, light and looks cute on most facial structures. Made of 925 sterling silver, the nose bone has great quality and beautiful design on the body. The butterfly design is set on the visible end of the nose bone and it has a checked pattern on the butterfly. This cute nose bone weighs 22g and is perfect fit for nose in general. The nose bone also comes plated with gold in case the customer requests so. This pretty little nose bone makes you look stylish without being loud.

Though a nose bone or stud is a small item, but it is still a facial piercing and is displayed right in the middle of your face. Hence, it is wise to wear this jewelry matching your facial structure. This particular nose bone will look good on any kind of shape. However, there are other nose accessories which must be worn with some discretion. The heavier and more elaborate nose jewelries look good on large faces with broad jaw structure. Elaborate nose items should not be worn by women who have petite structures otherwise their face will look smaller because the nose accessory will cover a large part of the nose and mouth. Hoops must be avoided by women round face and short heights. They look good on women with good height and slender features.

Women with large nose and big round face can easily wear rings or hoops particularly the ones set with jewels. A big ruby or diamond ring will look great on them whereas women with smaller nose actually look good with silver studs and nose bones. Their facial beauty is enhanced by the non clumsy look of silver studs. This silver butterfly nose bone is a great pick as everyday wear. It does not draw undue attention thus it will be easier for you to wear at your workplace or school or college. They also go well with formal attires required for workplaces.

Choosing a nose accessory also depends on the amount of makeup you wear. With light makeup, small studs and bones look wonderful while with heavy makeup, a bejeweled hoop will blend well. If you have a round and full face, wear a circular barbell nose ring which provides a slimmer look to your face. Beaded nose accessories look best on oval faces while rings with chains connecting earlobes look great on square and heart-shaped faces.

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