925 Silver BCR Nose Ring

925 Silver BCR Nose RingThere is no piercing like a nose piercing. It is unique, cute, stylish and can transform your look amazingly without taking a lot of space on your face.The best part about nose piercing is that the jewelry item occupies least amount of space and produces maximum result in terms offashion. Again, it is one jewelry item that is displayed on the face and is easily seen. Hence, this is the best way to express your style in front of others.A septum piercing is an interesting piercing and looks cool. Hip and trendy. To keep this trendiness intact piercebodyhas brought this 925 silver BCR nose ring for you.

The 925 silver BCR nose ring is made of silver of course and has a lovely smooth finish and gloss to it. Silver again is quite a versatile metal which suits any attire and any skin tone. Silver jewelry never goes overboard but still makes you look the way you want to. If you wish to look elegant, you can achieve that look with silver or if you wish to appear sexy, you can also achieve our desired look. This silver BCR has a cute bead on one end and is available in 3 different sizes of 8, 10 and 12mm diameter to accommodate the demands ofvarious clients.

Being 20 in thickness it can be easily placed on your septum without the fear of falling or misplacement because the bead will hold it in place. This silver 10 mm nose ring will look stunning hanging from the septum stylishly and you can flaunt your new look to your peers and friends. Did I mention that you can make your competitors jealous with this? Well, that is implied. A septum piercing generally looks best with casual look or grungy look.

While your septum piercing is new you have to take care of it so that it heals properly. A cleaning regimen must be followed to accelerate healing. Misting your septum piercing at least thrice a day is important. Spray it with an aftercare spray to keep it moist so that the skin does not dry up and cause any problems later. Taking saline soak is necessary to disinfect the area and also to remove crusts that accumulate around the area and on the jewelry. Do not pull on the jewelry and keep healthy in general to quicken the healing process so that you can flaunt your style to everyone.

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