6mm Tapers, Stretchers


        Purple Jelly Ear Expander          Colorful Marble Straight Ear Expander

The tapers straight ear plugs are made from high quality of UV Body Jewelry Material.  There is an assortment of different jewelry for your ears straight fake ear plug from captive beads rings, spirals spirals ear, plug,tunnels.  If you pick up a pair of plugs then 16g captive  decide you don’t want those in after all, clean them before storage zer 402.

Yellow Jelly Ear Expander        Tree Roots Logo Straight Ear Taper Body Jewelry     

Ear tapers jewelry black straight barbell   comes in a range of different materials –steel, acrylic plugs and tapers, glass, Only the tunnels 2mm tunnel and plugs come in Silicon.fake tapers


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