5mm Surgical Steel Ball Closure Ring

5mm Surgical Steel Ball Closure RingDo you wish to have a totally out of this world kind of piercing now? Try the uvula piercing. Yes, you heard that right. Uvula piercing is the newest and most exciting form of piercing to join the list and has already gained quite a formidable fan following. If you are confused regarding what uvula is; it is the small fleshy mass of tissue hanging from your soft palate at the backend of your throat. You can also call it the tiny tongue which helps you talk and make other sounds. Piercing the uvula is absolutely new, rare and exciting. For experienced body piercing enthusiasts, this may give you a high like you have never felt before.

Captive bead rings of 14 and 16 gauge made of titanium, stainless steel or niobium are used for uvula piercing. Since, it is absolutely inside the mouth items made of the above mentioned metals are quite safe. Piercebody offers a wide range of stainless steel and titanium captive bead rings which can be used as uvula piercing jewelry. This particular steel captive bead ring looks simple yet stunning and has been made from 316l surgical grade steel and is 16gauge in measurement. This is perfect for uvula piercing with a ball of 5mm.

You have to conduct an extensive search to find out a piercing professional who is an expert in oral piercings because it is a rare type of oral piercing. The major challenge in piercing the uvula is the gag reflex resulting in contraction of the back of the throat. Therefore, only an expert hand with nimble fingers can perform the surgery. The client needs to wash his/her mouth with an antibacterial mouthwash before the piercing procedure. The piercer will clamp the uvula and use a sterilized pre-bent needle to make a perforation and insert the jewelry inside it.

Since, the uvula is a delicate tissue it might cause some amount of pain but you have to be prepared for that. It takes around 2 weeks to heal the place and during the period you have to maintain proper oral hygiene. You must avoid hot and spicy food and also alcohol and smoke. Washing your mouth with saline solution is mandatory thrice a day and avoid touching your jewelry. Uvula piercing costs between $100 and $180 because it is a risky job. Remember to consult a doctor in case of any problems because its rejection rate is quite high.

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