5mm ear tunnels – Suits to be the perfect size?

SS Steampunk Black Web Screw Fit Flesh Tunnel Bullet Screw Fit Tunnel

When you wear ear plugs body jewelry. most of the questions which is being raised is what should be the perfect size of the ear tunnel… Actually the best size comes in 5mm and 10mm ear flesh tunnel but to get the ear stretched and the type is always according to you!


Gold Anodized Synthesis Steel Flesh Tunnel  Black UV Internal Rasta Marijuna Logo With Screw Fit Ear Tunnel


The first word to be mentioned is don’t bother what people say to you and just accept and say to yourself you look good and its a perfect body jewelry 4 gauge. Why? ‘coz you will certainly meet a few people who will try to degrade you about the piercing – since they have no knowledge how extraordinary can a body piercing be!


Author: pbblog

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