316L Surgical Steel Multi Stone Ball

316L Surgical Steel Multi Stone BallDo you wish to replace the ball in your piercing jewelry out of choice or out of any compulsion? Don’t ponder about what to do. Piercebody has brought a wide range of accessories for you to change them according to your wish or compulsion. The 316l surgical steel multi stone ball accessories are offered by Piercebody for the same reason. The balls are made from 316l surgical steel and are studded with gemstones which enhance the brightness of the ball. The accessories are available in 8 difference stone colors and are 1.2×3mm in measurement which is a standard size.

If you buy a couple of these balls, you can alter them according to your outfits and your overall makeup and jewelry. Since, these are colorful they will add a zing to your ensemble. Whether you are adding them to your eyebrow piercing or your ear piercing, the balls always appear stylish. If you are going for a beach party, place the red ball which suits the occasion nicely. This will add more bling to your outfit and make you appear gorgeous at the party. Red draws lot of attention and if you are replacing an accessory on the facial piercing like anti-eyebrow or dimple, there is no stopping you from becoming the next style diva.

If you are thinking when the best is time to remove the old accessories and replace them with new bright ones; it is exactly after your fresh piercing heals. Remember that you are not allowed to remove the accessories from a new piercing which is yet to heal. Accessory removal or replacement is only permitted after your piercing has healed completely. So, even if you buy these products during the initial phase of your piercing, you have to wait for the healing period to get over before you can think of changing the accessories.

Once your piercing has healed you can experiment with them. If you are not confident about changing it for the first time, take it to your piercer and get it done. Learn the method and do it after that to practice safe fashion. Once you learn to change it, try out different accessories to experiment with your look more often. It is fun and it also prevents boredom. Changing into new accessories every time will provide your fashion a new life and you will become more confident about experimenting with your looks.

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