316L SS Plain Flower Nose Pin

316L SS Plain Flower Nose PinDouble nose piercing has been widely adopted in modern fashion for its creativity and uniqueness. Single nose piercing is extremely common but double nose piercing is absolutely rare. With a double nose piercing you will look different from the crowd and that will enable you to make a fashion statement. However, before going for a double steel nose piercing, check whether there is ample space inside your nostrils to accommodate two piercings otherwise you may end up damaging some of the tissues. If you are going for double nose piercing at the same time, it might hurt a little so be prepared for it.

For double nose piercings there can be different types of combinations. You can have both your nostrils pierced or have one nostril and septum pierced. Depending on the type of piercing you have chosen the jewelry will differ. In case you have two nostrils pierced, 2 studs will be the best choice. If you have decided for on nostril and septum, then a septum ring and a stud or ring will do. If you have decided to go for double piercing on the same nostril, then two hoops will be the best selection.

The 316l SS plain flower nose pin brought to you by piercebody is made of surgical steel and is 18g in size. It is a stud which is topped with flower and hence makes you look feminine. This design is generally for women. Now, this jewelry item can be used in same side piercing and opposite side piercing. In same side you can have the flower and another stud below the flower. If you wish to have opposite sides pierced, you must take care that symmetry is maintained otherwise you will not be able to achieve the desired look.

If you are going for septum and nostril, then this nose pin will be inserted inside the nostril and the septum will be adorned with a ring. Since, this is a double piercing at the same time; you need an experienced piercer to get the job done. Follow the aftercare routine properly and be careful during soaks and cleaning the jewelry. You may hurt one piercing while taking care of the other which is not the goal. Avoid wearing pullovers since they tend to get entangled in nose pins. Also tie your hair for safety. Double nose piercings cost between $80 and $100 at a standard salon.

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