3 Wood Organic Stick Earring

Jewelry is not only about precious gems and expensive metals gleaming from your body piercings. It is an article that enhances your beauty by adorning the piercings that you have on your body. The pierced ears adorned with beautiful jewelry have enthralled kings, noblemen, and the common masses for ages now and every kind of material whether natural or artificial have been used to bring those delicate piercings in limelight.

The ancient tribal folk as well as the children of the forest swear by the trees and the wood from them are utilized in every possible way. It is therefore natural to expect wooden jewelry in their ears as well. True, they looked spectacular. That is the very reason for the wooden earrings to become popular day by day. Rest assured you are going to look at your trendiest whenever you get to wear the intricate 3 wood organic stick earring to public outings.

The natural color of different varieties of wood combines beautifully and is perfectly in keeping with your sense of aesthetics. The polished wood gleam without being flashy, a properly that makes you look dignified indeed. Wooden earrings are attention grabbers all right and you might actually be caught unawares by the queries coming your way whenever you step out wearing them in your ears. Sure, you can try to make wooden earrings yourself too by checking out a few DIY body jewelry websites. However, your handmade earrings may lack that professional touch that makes one the cynosure of all eyes.

The best way to look cool without any sweat off your brow is to log in to piercebody.com and browse through the website. The details of the 3 wood organic stick earrings are sure to delight you while you get a pleasant surprise on noticing the price of a pair of earrings. Its only $1.20, a price that is enough to make you add it to your cart immediately! Feel free to add a few pieces more so that you can appease all your friends and family members by gifting a pair to each of them on special occasions or even without any reason.

Fixing them to your pierced ear is easy too. True it might take you a few minutes more than inserting danglers with the aid of jump rings but stick earrings happen to be a more secure option and you needn’t fear your spectacular wooden earrings to fall off easily.

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