26mm Pink UV Circle Ear Hoop

26mm Pink UV Circle Ear HoopHoops are always in style and it is one of those fashion jewelry items which have remained a favorite through years. The size of the rings has definitely changed but not the fashion and style quotient. Hoops are still the most stylish form of earrings and go well with formals as well as casuals. Hoops are so common and popular that you will find one in your mother’s as well as your grandma’s wardrobe. Hoops have been loved by women in every age and era and now even men are in love with them. The circular shape hypnotizes the wearer and the onlooker almost immediately.

Hoops have a really powerful impact on your personality. It adds a carefree attitude to your personality in spite of the fact that really large ones can get caught up in your clothes and scarves. Hoops provide an edge to your personality and it was always this way. Hoops have been around for a very long time and during the 1900s through 2000s pick any music video and you will find the female protagonist with hoops dangling from her earlobes. It was a staple in women’s wardrobe.

Hoops in every metal, color and size have been popular and famous. Cameron Diaz rocked them in her films and J-Lo had a different pair for each of her video. Even Janet Jackson rocked the silvery hoop in her debut film. These women have given hoops a rebellious association and a killer attitude. They look utterly smart and cool. Hoops are not for women who love subtlety because they have an edge and bring an ‘in-your-face’ attitude to the outfit and to the person wearing it. But that does not keep petite women from wearing them.

The hoops offered by Piercebody are cool and smart. Made from acrylic with UV glowing under light this pink hoop is absolutely marvelous. The post and the butterfly are made of sterling silver complementing the color of the hoop nicely. This lovely pair can be worn to your friend’s party and to the prom night equally. Fun, flirtatious and sleek hoops have been worn by Rihanna and Beyonce Knowles to make style statements. Hoops are for ladies who do not follow fashion but set their own trends. These 26mm Pink UV Circle Ear Hoop are bold yet cute and definitely jazz up your personality. This high spirited accessory has therefore been loved by men and women equally for its appeal.

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