16g UV Multi Layered Cone Lip Piercing Jewelry

Forget about piercing your ear or nose, if you want to be the center of attention. Piercings in the obscure regions of your body are fine of course but they are meant for the select few who are exceedingly close to you. A great middle of the road way is to put the spotlight on your lips especially the lower lip. A dangling labret looks cute and attracts attention like no other. Go ahead; it is your turn now to captivate one and all with your clever ideas that are not too painful either.

Thankfully, you do not have to wait for long to let your lip piercing heal. It turns dry and comfortable within days leaving you free to go for all sorts of danglers and studs that not only enhances your looks but can bring about a change in your personality too. Whether you choose a traditional piercing for your lower lip or prefer the Madonna or Medusa forms, the jewelry that is inserted through your piercing will remain unchanged.

You would do well to log into piercebody.com once you are healed completely and impatient to show off your beautiful piercing to the world. The spectacular range of lip jewelry at the online shop will leave you astounded completely. Forget about the oh so ordinary labret studs and BCRs for a moment and pounce on the unique UV cone that will lend another level to your beautiful lips. Guys are welcome to try as well. There are no barriers for lip jewelry when it comes to different sexes and each of you can choose to adorn your gorgeous piercing in their own way.

A jeweled flower or a simple stone may shimmer and draw all eyes undoubtedly but nothing is going to be as classic as a cone here. It remains one of the most popular geometric shape for all kinds of body piercings, lips included and you will certainly not go wrong by choosing it from the huge variety of lip jewelry showcased at piercebody.com.

The colors of rainbow on your lower lip will definitely be a bit out of the ordinary. Therein lies its appeal. Turn your thoughts to the material now. It’s a classic ultra violet acrylic body jewelry destined to add a splash of color to your life style. Go for this comfortable UV jewelry that contains several layers and be sure to make a bold fashion statement at the unbelievable wholesale price of $0.09.

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