16g Barbell Fancy Anodized Fake Plugs with Mix UV o Rings

Adorning your ears with pretty jewelry is something everyone wishes. Unfortunately, you have to go through the whole rigmarole of contacting a piercer and then sitting through your session while tolerating the pain, however miniscule it may be. There is a great way out though. Simply opt for fake ear plugs! You will have the advantage of showing off your fine jewelry and displaying a stretched ear look in spite of not having any piercing in your ears.

The fake ear plugs also happen to be ideal for guys who are not too keen on getting their body pierced literally. The fake ones are enough to put up a front though and the clever jewelry is designed in such a way that no one has any inkling that you are faking it all the way. It is a win-win situation for sure!

There are designs galore though. All you have to do is to check an ear jewelry without piercing shop or online store. Wait! Are you sure you want to purchase something that can make or break your reputation as a cool guy /gal? Do not even think of taking the risk. Log in to piercebody.com and breathe a sigh of relief! It is here that you will get a plethora of varieties as far as the fake ear plugs are concerned.

Look at the spectacular barbells here! They happen to be anodized with UV material. Forget the looks for now and concentrate on the material you see. While the anodized ear plugs are sure to last for a longer time, you also get the additional advantage of keeping your skin safe from irritations. The material is bio compatible totally and your skin remains free of infections and allergies allowing you to forget that you are wearing something in your ears. The base material of surgical steel ensures that and you might soon come to prefer it over any other metal including the precious ones.

The stretched look is all the rage now and you can go with the flow whether you have your ears pierced or not. The sharp barbell like shape adds to the beauty of your ears and people are bound to comment on how pretty you look with big, stretched ears. Come on, you are entitled to smile your secret smile now as you and only you know the truth.

Piercebody.com is the only online store that will give it to you at the wholesale rate of $0.52 per piece. You have to buy a wholesale body jewelry no minimum of 5 pieces to avail of this rate though.

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