14K Solid Yellow Gold CZ Ear Stud

Bored with your single earlobe piercing and want to try out something new? Go for another piercing on your earlobe slightly above the existing one and revamp your look and style. Body piercing is a part of style for many who have some kind of piercing and often times they wish to have something more after a long period of time. To have double earlobe piercing is fun and bold. It will provide you with a sense of pride once you do it. Many women and men are opting to have double piercings on their earlobes to break the monotony and feel the difference.
Now, there is not hard and fast rule about what you can wear on your earlobes. Hence, you can experiment the sway you want. Just keep in mind that it should go with your style. You can combine captive bead rings, studs, circular barbells and create the look you want. If you are already wearing a stud, it will be a good idea to try a ring or a hoop and vice versa. Of course you know that you cannot wear a chandelier on the upper piercing. Piercebody has an amazing collection of earrings to stun you.
Check out the 14k solid yellow gold CZ ear stud which looks chic and hot. The CZ is prong set and hence will not fall off from the ear stud. It is a round brilliant cut stone which goes well with any kind of facial shape and features. The CZ ear stud sits pretty on the piercing and enhances the style of the wearer. It is quite a unisex product because men can also wear it if they are comfortable to carry it. The post is made from gold and the butterfly is made from silicone which ensures utmost security without hurting your skin in any way. Affordable and fashionable, this is a stunning item.
The aftercare routine is quite elaborate and you must follow it properly just the way you did last time and no playing with the studs during the initial phase. Saline soak is mandatory and avoid sleeping on your side and wearing pullovers. It will take around 4 weeks to heal and the cost is between $10 and $60 depending on the piercing parlor and the piercer. As always, it is advisable to visit a professionally experienced piercer to avoid hurt. Rejection is lesser known in the earlobe; so relax and enjoy your new avatar!

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