14K Rose Gold Nose Hoop Ring

14K Rose Gold Nose Hoop RingA nose hoop ring is awesome and one made from rose gold is simply amazing.This stunning rose gold nose hoop ring made from 14k rose gold with a thickness of 20g and a diameter of 8 meter fits snugly on the sides of the nose as well as on the septum. If you already have a side piercing and want another one, a septum is ideal for you. Septum piercing is a great choice if you do not want to go the traditional way of side piercing. Septum piercing is cool, chic and trendy. Some people have two sides and a septum piercing on their nose to express their personal style.

The rose gold hoop must be inserted through the zone known as the ‘sweet spot’ on the nose. The sweet spot lies between the septum cartilage and the soft fleshy underside of the nose. Septum piercings generally take 4-6 weeks to heal if your piercer has done the job properly. Otherwise, in case of a misadventure, it might take more time. Generally, for first timers a surgical steel or titanium septum jewelry item is used. The item can vary between septum pincher, captive bead ring and also a retainer which when placed on the piercing can hide it for a considerable amount of time.

The one displayed at piercebody is made of high quality rose gold which can be used on slightly old piercings. The standard gauges for beginners range from 16g to 12g but some people prefer heavier gauges right from the beginning instead of waiting and stretching with time. If you have chosen a heavier gauge, opt for a septum pincher or a retainer which will put less downward pressure on the fistula of the piercing. A ring is generally used because it is easy to carry and also puts less pressure on the area.

A captive bead ring also provides more space for the septum piercing to swell which is a normal side effect of piercing. A gold hoop ring also provides with this advantage and also provides easy movement while cleaning the piercing. The piercing needs to be cleaned and taken care of by removing crusts for which the ring provides easy movement. Just remember not to touch the ring often and only touch it with your hands washed. Septum piercing is a trendy thing to do which complements cool looks

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