14k Gold Star Open Hoop Nose Ring

All that glitters is not gold certainly but the brilliant gold hoop nose ring fashioned with 14K gold star open hoop nose ring is surely one of the best specimens of affordability and quality blended into one. The 58%+ gold purity is not precious enough to warrant severe security measures nor is it so dull that it will earn negative comments from all and sundry.
Experts in body piercing do agree that inserting material that provokes the skin and triggering off infections is best avoided when it comes to a delicate body part like the nose. It does not require extra protection too and you can rest well by storing it in your trinkets box that stays by your side sans lock and key. Another pleasing fact about the 14K nose jewelry is its pleasant color that looks somewhat like beaten copper or a dull bronze without coming out as an exceedingly bright yellow object that glints every time the sun falls on it.
Check out the amazing array of bulk piercing jewelry at piercebody.com, if you need further convincing and you are sure to be hooked. The yellow gold nose ring with a star at one end sure looks pretty! It is highly feminine in style and you would do yourself proud by wearing it on family occasions. Going out for a wild night with the beautiful nose ring firmly in place is certain to interest your fellow revelers as well. You are welcome to enthrall them with long yarns of how you came across just a gorgeous item of jewelry that makes you look like a mediaeval queen from the far off lands of the exotic East.
No worries, if you are more comfortable in jeans and tee though. The 14K gold ring can be paired powerfully with such a casual attire too. All you need is a bold and brassy attitude and your nose ring will do the rest. Remember to take the bow when the credits start rolling in for being the most trendy and cool stand apart member of your hip and happening crowd.
What about the price though? Gold is always expensive, right? Not when you settle for the 14K option though. It can actually be more cost effective than your elaborate pieces of costume jewelry. A glance at the details printed on the piercebody.com web site will put all your doubts to rest. It will cost you only $5.75 apiece when you buy 2 of them together.

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