14K Gold nose screws with CZ stone

14K Gold CZ Set Nose Screw Body JewelryNot many are comfortable with the idea of nose piercings but it has been in practice in the Eastern culture for ages and the rage seems to have caught on with the western world too. There are so many nose jewelry designs and types available that you are spoilt for choice. And there is no reason why you should not opt for one, because after all nose jewelry enhances your personal style statement, it is very fashionable and not very prominent, so you can easily wear a nose bone or a nose stud in your workplace without catching unnecessary attention. You can choose to pierce either the left or the right side of your nostrils. You can even go for a piercing on the septum that is the bridge in the center of the nose that separates your nostrils. It is a great look to try for someone who wants to keep it simple and subtle.

There are various forms of nose jewelry. You can take your pick from the nostril screw, captive bead ring, L shaped nose pin, straight barbells which are for septum piercings and nose hoops. If you want something that is very secure and won’t fall of, then the nose screws are great choices. It might not be as easy to insert like a nose bone or a gold nose screws stud but you can be sure it won’t shift around much and will stay put. This kind of nose jewelry has a straight stem which will curve into a shape. A stone or gem will feature on the outside of your nose’s surface and the curve will be inside your nostril.

At Piercebody.com, we have a host of different nose screws and nose rings to have your pick from. You can go through all the dazzling options before settling for the one that suits you the best. One of these is the 14K Gold nose screws with CZ stone. The stem is made of 14K solid gold and the thickness is 20 gram. You can get this in both white and yellow gold. The stone that is attached is a top quality CZ stone. The stone cut is round and the setting is prong set. Minimum order quantity is 3.

This piece is priced at $5.50. It is in stock.

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