14K Gold Nose Screw with Genuine BLUE SAPPHIRE Stone

Whether you believe in astrology or you don’t, you have to acknowledge the beauty and effervescence of the blue sapphire. Its shine, shape and color have a mesmerizing effect on most people who look on it.  A blue sapphire is one of the most popular gemstones in terms of its usage in jewelry industry. People from all over the world love to wear a blue sapphire on various jewelry items to make style statements. It is also deemed to be one of the most powerful gemstones by astrologers because it is associated with Saturn, one of the most powerful planets.genuine stone
This brilliant sparkling 2mm genuine blue sapphire is set in prongs inside an equally bright 14k gold nose screw. The combination is a killer and you can either wear it on a regular basis or preserve it for a special event to flaunt your gemstone and your personal style. The nose screw is stunning with a perfect glossy finish and a round cut blue sapphire right in the center of the nose screw. This stunning piece is only 20g in thickness so you can wear it without much hassle. The 14k gold makes the jewelry item more affordable and also long lasting. 14k gold is the most popular choice for gold to make small jewelry items.
The yellow gold body with a blue sapphire set inside has an inevitable charm to it which can make any woman look and feel like a diva. Piercebody brings a jewelry piece which is affordable, easy to wear with genuine blue sapphire for you. This is an ideal piece for wedding since it contains gold and also this rare gemstone called blue sapphire. If you believe in astrology, then it might act as a catalyst in your prosperity as well. Among all the shades of blue sapphire, the intense velvety blue is the most popular one and this particular nose screw has a specimen of the same.
The flawless intense blue hue of the sapphire renders a unique charm to the item. This genuine blue sapphire and 14k gold nose screw can a wonderful gift item as well. You can surprise your girlfriend/wife, sister or even your mother with this nose screw. Fashionable women love to wear a nose ring and a gold and blue one will be a fantastic part of their jewelry collection. Moreover, they can also derive some benefits of blue sapphire if they are born in September.

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