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14K Gold BCR Nose Hoop RingNose piercing has been a practice since forever in the Indian and African countries. The trend took its sweet time to reach the US and Europe but once it did, in no time had it conquered the millions hearts, err, noses. Yet as cool and stylish as nose piercing might be, there are certain things to keep in mind before opting for one because nose is cartilage after all and it takes extreme carefulness on the part of the person doing the piercing. The nose tissue is quite difficult to pierce and it takes a lot more to heal than ear piercings because ear lobes are softer.

The most popular nose piercing is where the jewellery is put along the curve of the nostril, mostly on the left side of the nose. You can also place it in the cartilage wall or the septum which separates the two nostrils. The captive ring is also called ‘bull ring’.  People often select this piercing because the hole remains completely invisible. However, if you are considering nose piercing for the first time, it is best to opt for the first kind.

If you choose the former kind of nose piercing you can choose a stud or a hoop/ring, whatever suits your personality, dressing sense and work environment. In case of new piercing though, you have to keep in mind that the nose stud doesn’t fit too snug on your nostril as that may create skin problems.

A hoop or a ring is a small captive whose one end goes through the hole and comes out to create a hoop of sorts. It is the best recommended jewellery for the fresh piercings because the pierced hole is easy to clear and no swelling or skin infection happens.

At piercingbody.com, you get to see an amazing collection of pure gold nose hoops that can be worn by anyone of any age. The material is 14 K solid gold and the thickness of the item is 20G. You can choose from a nose ring diameter of either 8mm or 10mm.

14k Gold nose hoop ring looks very beautiful and is perfect to wear if you are thinking of an Oriental look for any occasion. That apart you can wear it with a dress and the blend would be very eye catching. The minimum order quantity is 2. These are still very much in stock and priced at a reasonable $6.35.

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