14K Gold Infinity Nose Screw

Infinity is a symbol of eternity and here it can be interpreted in any way. The infinity here could be a symbol of long lasting love or of eternal beauty. Moreover, the infinity has been designed from gold making it more special and eternal. Gold is glamorous, gold is rich, gold is status symbol and gold is the eternal heartthrob of women of all ages. Hence, the 14k gold infinity nose screw will hold the affection of ladies across a large cross section for a prolonged period of time. Gold still remains unbeatable in its attraction and demand. 14k gold is the most popular metal when it comes to making small ornaments in fine jewelry industry.
It holds the luster for long time and is also light weight and scratch resistant. This particular nose screw displayed by Piercebody weighs only 20g; therefore making it easy to wear and carry. Yellow gold is still the most viable option when it comes to gold jewelry. It is traditional and a large number of ornaments are made from yellow gold and sold in the market. It is still the most sought after bridal jewelry metal especially in south Asian countries. Yellow gold has a glow which is matchless making the particular jewelry item appear unique.
This gold infinity nose screw will enhance your beauty and also make you appear stylish. It has quite a classic feel to it. Therefore, it is a great accessory for weddings. However, it is believed that wearing gold is a sign of prosperity so women in various countries all across the world love to wear it. A nose screw in gold could be the most hassle free but glamorous accessory you can wear. Since it is a small one it won’t take up much space and distract from your face. On the other hand it will definitely spice up your look.
This is quite a rare piece because the infinity is generally worn on necklaces and earrings. Spotting an infinity designed nose screw is rare and unique. It will sit snugly on your nose and since a screw is easy to fit and remains properly on your nostril skin you will not run the risk of getting it caught in any of your clothes. The chances of getting hurt through a nose screw are minimum. It is risk free and great value for money. Besides, a gold nose screw is the most effective style statement.

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