14K Gold Flower Dangling Curved Bar Navel Ring with Zirconia

14K Gold Flower Dangling Curved Bar Navel Ring with ZirconiaOne of the coolest variations in a double belly button piercing is combining the upper navel and lower navel piercings to provide an extraordinary stylish look. A well developed belly button provides ample opportunity to experiment with types and jewelry items for navel piercing. The bottom belly piercing or the lower navel piercing is done by inserting the jewelry from the navel cavity to the lower portion of the navel instead of the upper portion. You can either sport it individually or combine it with upper navel piercing as well. Initially captive bead rings or circular barbells are great for the piercing because they provide space for swelling and migration. Once, the piercing has healed you can choose from a wide variety of navel piercing jewelry.

Piercebody who sells belly button rings knows the mind of women who love to decorate their bodies in various ways and especially navel. Hence, it brings a wide selection of navel piercing jewelry for the piercing enthusiast. The 14k gold flower dangling curved bar navel ring with zirconia is the perfect pick for bottom belly button piercing. Since, the extent of the lower portion of belly button is more than the upper one a dangling jewelry will greatly enhance the curve. Gold is unmatched in its glow and quality which is combined with high quality zirconia to provide glitter. The navel piercing item has a flower at the top followed by 2 butterflies hanging from the flower all studded with zirconia which will dazzle under light.

The interesting thing about dangling belly button jewelry is that it follows the movement of the piercer and moves in a rhythm making the item look beautiful. A gold belly button piercing dangling ring will definitely up your fashion quotient by several notches. The lower navel piercing takes about 9-12 months to heal completely and till then you have to take good care of the piercing to avoid being infected or injured. The cost of bottom belly button piercing is around $35-$60 in majority of famous piercing parlors.

Combining a nicely done tattoo with the bottom belly button piercing will add more zing to your personality. This is the perfect way to flaunt your flat belly. Dress in cropped tops or sheer tops along with jeans or skirts to complete your sexy look. You can beat anybody with your killer sense of fashion. Just carry it with lot of confidence!

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