14k Gold Eyebrow Piercing

14K Gold Eyebrow PiercingEyebrow piercing is a part of surface piercing which was introduced in 1970s. However, it still continues to allure many teenagers and young adults with its magnetic charm. Cool and funky eyebrow gold  jewelry looks good on both sexes and hence this sustained popularity. This 14k gold eyebrow piercing offered to you by Piercebody is a fantastic one which is a blend of coolness and elegance. Since, it is made of gold; the item definitely has an added charm. However, 14k gold is light in weight which makes the item easy to wear. It’s got a unique shape resembling a thunder which will grab immediate attention.

The piece is also studded with CZ which glitters and is visible from afar. This is quite prominent item which when worn will make you the talk of the party. It is not just important to buy a fabulous eyebrow barbell; it is also important to have your gold eyebrow pierced from a professionally experienced piercer who will place the item on the exact location you tell him/her. The piercer marks the area using a pen before piercing it with a hollow sterilized needle. After the hole has been made, the barbell is inserted.

It takes around 6-8 weeks for an eyebrow piercing to heal completely. During this time you have to clean the area by saline solution soaked cotton swab and also rinse it properly. Always wash your hands properly before you touch the piercing and avoid using any kind of cosmetics or make up on your face. It is also advised to sleep on the other side of the piercing if you have to. Keep the area dry but do not use hard materials to do it and do not shave or pluck eyebrow during this time. You can change the initial item by replacing it with a ring or a magnetic stud but that is possible only after the place has healed completely.

Eyebrow piercing costs between $20 and $80 in any standard piercing salon. You can experiment with the placement of your eyebrow jewelry by consulting with the piercer. You can either have a vertical piercing or a horizontal one. The horizontal piercing is sometimes done above the eyebrow. Then there is also the double eyebrow piercing where 4 perforations will be made and if you wish to experiment further, go for an anti-eyebrow piercing. You can use a retainer to hide your gold eyebrow piercing if it is mandatory.

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