14k Gold Cross Open Hoop Nose Ring

Convincing yourself to get your nose pierced so that you can follow the current trend of wowing the world with a cute cross nose ring  jewelry is not too difficult. It becomes even easier when you watch numerous stylish girls wearing nose studs and carrying off nose rings with an élan that is hard to match. The best option for you now is to visit your piercer and request a nose piercing. Do remember to read up on the basics though and prepare yourself for the risks that you are undertaking. No, there is nothing to be scared of. However, your injured skin may flare up especially, if you are blessed with a particularly sensitive one. Get prepared to count down to the day when you can sport a nose ring proudly in your piercing otherwise.
You do not have to twiddle your thumbs sitting at home waiting for your piercing to heal meanwhile. Get ready to scout for nose jewelry that would add hugely to your looks department. Where else can you expect to find the right item but piercebody.com? This online store remains the best website to shop. Thankfully you do not have to leave the cool confines of your home while you are checking out the wonderful array of nose rings that come in a spectacular variety of designs.
It might help you consider your very first nose jewelry in gold. Sure, you are not filthy rich as opposed to the Hollywood celebs but you can surely afford a 14K gold nose ring stud for your pretty upturned nose? You have advantages galore here! Just stop to think how your compatriots and friends turned rivals are likely to go green on spotting your trendy yet precious looking gold nose ring? Yes, it comes in the standard gauge size of 22G and is all of 8 mm in diameter. You might actually pass off as a chic Eastern lady with your exotic looks that becomes complete with the addition of a delicate 14K gold cross hoop nose ring.
Do look! The March edition of Vogue last year carries a snap of the beautiful Daria Werbowy who looks serene in a nose ring that speak volumes for this item. It is a definite sign that the nose ornament has gone mainstream now and no longer will you be singled out or subject to long, curious stares of bystanders who know no better.
Turn your eyes towards the details now for nose rings online free shipping. Wow! It comes for just $4.99. You have to buy 2 of them together though but that is alright since you will not get by with only one in your possession.

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