14k gold belly button rings

Gold is a woman’s best friend! dragonfly belly ring  The history of gold proves that it has never failed to dazzle women by its glittering pale yellow sheen! 14k gold belly button ring is the answer to gold lovers far and wide Gold belly button rings. The dazzle Gold belly rings has allured all onlookers and a piece of gold at the navel surely translates into sensuality and class! moving navel Gold plated jewelry glitters in its own regal way and gives a tough competition to real gold jewelryDevil heart jeweled silver belly ring


                Jeweled 14K Gold Cross Belly Ring

Golden lizard belly button makes even the homely looking lizard look exotic. The shape of the lizard is a favored choice for its slenderness, much like twisted 14k gold belly button rings and snake belly button rings Moving Duel Jeweled Heart Belly Ring. The long shape makes the belly button look slender and shapely, making the waist look slimmer. It is a good buy with regard to this. Having a lizard at your belly is surely something most people will not dare to have! You become an instant and classy daredevil with a taste for the creepy, crafted in gold. butterfly gold

If you are not the type who finds creepy beautiful then the gold butterfly is your ultimate choice! A beautiful well-crafted golden butterfly at your navel gives a flirtatious beauty to your look! So make this fluttering beauty your fashion friend! 14k belly rings


The golden heart has always been the most widely worn gold pendants! Its eternal association with love makes it a prime choice! So why not flaunt it on your navel as well! The classic design gets a new look and feel by being your Gold belly button ring! Innovative ways of wearing vintage jewelry never fail to impress…

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