14G Surgical Steel Ball Closure Ring

Corset piercing is a form of surface piercing and is quite a bold and adventurous type of body modification art. It is known as corset piercing because of the structure formed by the pierced surface which resembles a corset with crisscross threads. The corset set up requires multiple piercings in two bilateral rows of symmetrical piercings generally done on the back of a body or sometimes on sides. It is a vertical piercing connecting with the image of a corset and can be as few as 4 piercings- 2 on each side or as many to cover the entire stretch of back skin.

Corset piercing was first introduced in the 90s when body piercing became a part of fashion statement. It is generally done on women and is part of fetish aesthetics. Corset piercings can be done on a temporary basis or on a permanent basis. Depending on the type of piercing the jewelry is chosen. Temporary piercing can be done for fetish aesthetics or for photo shoot or any form of advertising. During such events captive bead rings are used for corset piercings. Sometimes such piercings are also done with hypodermic needles which are removed afterwards.

Piercebody offers a wide selection of captive bead rings for people who want to get their desire fulfilled. This particular 14g surgical steel ball closure ring is perfectly safe to be used on skin. With its perfect diameter and ball size, it is a fantastic and cool product to be used as part of corset piercing. The rings are placed in a manner in which ribbons, ropes or chains can pass through them without any of them falling off. The temporary ones are usually worn only for few hours. They can be worn for a maximum time of a week because they are highly susceptible to infection and contamination. Sometimes these might cause irritation of the skin as well. However, removing temporary corset piercing does not leave behind any scar.

Permanent corset piercings take a long time to heal and they are generally done with surface bars or Teflon or Tygong tubing which are flexible and move with the body causing less pressure on the skin. Permanent corset piercings are treated as dermal piercings and are not laced during the initial stage as it might pull on the rings. Once it heals it can be laced or ribboned as you wish to have it designed.

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