14g Spiral Barbell with UV Dice

Choosing a body piercing parlor is a major decision in a piercing enthusiast’s life. This single decision can make or mar his/her body piercing experience forever. A good amount of research is needed to find out which parlor is safest and has a good reputation, especially if you are going for an unusual piercing. For example, if you wish to have a spiral piercing done on your ears, navel or any other body part, you must do a good amount of research to find out whether the piercing parlor has an experienced professional piercer.

The 14g spiral barbell with UV dice from Piecebody is a wonderful spiral barbell made from surgical steel. It has 2 dices towards both the ends and these can come in various colors for clients. Quite visible from a far, this diced spiral piercing when used anywhere on the body will definitely make you a style icon in your vicinity, college or work place. But, to have it placed properly, it is imperative to find out the best piercing parlor. There are very important factors that should be kept in mind while finding out the right parlor.

APP or the Association of Professional Piercers has given certain guidelines on professional piercing and the piercers meeting their safety standards are the ones you should look for. Beware of the fake ones which are numerous. When you visit a piercing parlor, it is good to go by your instincts at times. Be totally sure of what you want and scan and evaluate the place for what it is on your very first appearance. Check whether they have a separate sterilization area and whether it is kept clean according to your standards. If you do not think, it is safe, strike the place off your list.

Piercing parlors need a license to operate within a city and town and have the owner show their license to you. Trustworthy parlors have their licenses and accolades placed on positions where it will be visible to clients. If this is not the case, then be wary of their activities. The most important concern is the sterilization process. Always check whether parlor has hollow needles to perform the piercing because needles can be sterilized by autoclaves and piercing guns cannot be sterilized. Demand to take a look at the spore test results which indicates how efficient the autoclave is. If they are not ready to show you the results, come back.

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