14g Clear Jeweled Surgical Steel Nipple Rounder with MM Balls

14g Clear Jeweled Surgical Steel Nipple RounderPiercing the nipple is a huge decision especially, if you have no experience of it before and want to do it for fun. It is advisable to get as much information as you can before you go for it and consult an expert for getting the actual deed done. Next comes the jewelry! You will be astounded at the number of excellent choices put forth by various stores dealing in 14g nipple rings piercing jewelry but none more so than piercebody.com. There are straight barbells and rings including nipple rounders galore at this wonderful online store that undoubtedly can satisfy your every need vis à vis body piercing jewelry.

Sure, this lovely little steel rounder for the nipple is eye catching. It is studded with clear gems that catch the light and sparkle most enticingly too. It definitely ensures hours of fun with your partner and you can revel in it yourself too. A great way to celebrate your body indeed! Of course, the possibility of attracting girls by flaunting it at the beach is not unheard of either; especially if you happen to be a male, out to wow the world with your offbeat style.

This pair of clear jeweled surgical steel nipple rounder with balls can certainly become your style statement before long, allowing you to be the most talked about persona among your peers. Be assured of skin safety once you purchase this nipple rounder. It is made of surgical steel, for one, deemed to 100% safe for body wear. With allergies, infections, and rashes safely out of the way, there is nothing you need to fear once the nipple rounder is safely inserted into your piercing. You are also entitled to go for a single piece instead of adorning both your nipples at once. This single piercing jewelry is certainly going to lend you a funky look and wearing it under your thin beach wear or at a party under that slinky black dress is sure to evoke interest in a big way.

The advantages of this gem encrusted nipple rounder are many and varied. You get to highlight your nipples definitely but they are sure to become more pronounced, an ideal condition for both men and women with inverted nipples. It is also a great accessory for enhancing the sensitivity and serve as effective body jewelry for Saturday night wear.

You are likely to make up your mind pronto after a single glance at the price. You pay only $3.78 for one and the price goes down steeply with the quantity going up.


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