14 K Gold Eyebrow Ring

Wanna go punkish to flout your self-style? Then dude and babe its time you unleash your sex appeal with the new 14K Gold Eyebrow Piercing. And then if you are one of those who like to turn a deaf ear to conventionalism, then 14K Eyebrow piercing is surely your thing!

How it is?
The 14K Gold Eyebrow piercing barbell is a slightly curved hollow yellow gold, measuring 16 gauges, which is the standard measurement, with gold balls on both ends, studded with cubic zirconia. The zigzag thunder design attached with the upper part of the barbell is its speciality.

Cubic Zirconia?
Yes, you read it right. Cubic zirconia or CZ stone is the cubic crystalline form of Zirconium dioxide. The synthesized material is hard, colorless and in terms of beauty, it is simply, flawless. It has earned much of its fame because of it’s:-

a)      Affordability.

b)      Durability and;

c)      Close resemblance to diamond.

Ok but then, why 14K gold?

  • Gold is a mark of wealth, health and prosperity.
  • It highlights the upper part of the face, especially the eyes, which are considered the most ethereal part of the mundane body.
  • Solid gold is resistant to corrosion and is therefore, safest for your skin.
  • It weighs less than the traditional and popular 22K or 18K gold form. Less weight is extremely important in case of an Eyebrow piercing jewelry as this type of piercing is a surface piercing and light weight avoids risk of the jewelry migrating out of the body, or in anyway, rejecting the body.
  • This light-weight again, makes the jewelry easier to handle, and comfortable to show-off, causing less strain to the skin.

What about design suitability?
Well, the beauty of this lightening gold is no match for other metals, though it matches any and every skin color you may possess.  Moreover its thunderbolt design matches the very punk rock fashion when it leaves an electrical feel, and exhibits a certain wrath, a stormy soul hidden in you.

Carrying the right look:
Worry not for that. It would be great with this jewelry if you wish to cast yourself in a flamboyant look, with an expression of self confidence in your attitude. Dress up in the most outlandish merge-up of two varying moods and you are ready for the show. Awestruck your friends and colleagues with a thunderbolt this season, with the new 14K Gold Eyebrow piercing barbell.

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