14 Gauge Lip ring

There are different types of lip piercings like the very basic lip piercing, vertical Labret piercing, horizontal lip piercing etc. As the name suggests the horizontal lip piercing passes directly through the upper or lower lip at a horizontal angle.14g labret


Surgical steel Anodised Labrets with Cone       BioFlex Madonna Labret with Jeweled push-fit Top        SS Labret with Epoxy Crystal Stone Ball

Lip piercing is undoubtedly a painful process. The degree of pain a person feels might differ but the person who is getting his lips pierced is certain to feel pain especially when the jewelry is fitted in the piercing.bioflex non   When a professional does the piercing chances are rare that infections or any other piercing problems might occur provided that you follow the proper aftercare instructions given by the 10mm labrets
piercer.gem labret


SS Jeweled Top Madonna Labret      24 Pcs of Bio-Plast Lip Labret with 14K Gold Head in a Display      BioFlex Madonna Labret with Flower Jeweled Top

Typically a lip ring healing is completed between 6-8 weeks from the day the lip is pierced. But one has to make sure that he/she 20 g lip ring
is doing nothing to infect the pierced area.14 001

Lip rings and studs are not acceptable in most offices and formal organizations. There are also other times when you cannot wear your metal jewelry for example in the hospital. For such times you can use the lip ring retainer 14g uv that not only hides the pierced area but also are invisible.non piercing nipple

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