10 Medusa Piercing Jewelries to Motivate You


Medusa piercings are an awesome distinct option for a standard lip piercing. Yet fundamentally the same mending process and care needs. This makes them perfect if you like the thought of a lip piercing. However, favor something somewhat different. Medusa piercing or philtrum piercing attaches through the focal point of the top lip. It also an adornment that dependably a labret stud. They are otherwise called philtrum piercings, because of their arrangement. Medusa piercings are basically the same as a customary labret piercing, aside from their arrangement on the top lip. Like a labret piercing, medusas regularly recuperate in six to fourteen weeks.



What Does a Medusa Piercing Look Like?

Normally all that can be seen of a medusa piercing is a little metal ball. In which, the tip of a labret stud experiencing the upper lip. It may also conceivable to utilize something much fancier and add a beautifully enhanced stud to your medusa piercing. Anything intended for a lower lip labret piercing will for the most part work for a medusa piercing. There are also additionally composed studs. Coordinating style and metal shading to other lip or nose studs can look fabulous! If you truly cherish your medusa piercing, it’s even conceivable to have two. One over the other, for a twofold medusa piercing.

medusa piercing

Why Get a Medusa Piercing?

A medusa piercing is a beautiful approach to highlight your facial elements. It’s symmetrical so keeps your face in the party. Not at all like piercings to the side of the mouth. A medusa piercing jewelry is extremely recognizable piercing in an exceptionally one of a kind area. Which implies it in a flash turns into a champion element of your face! It can look adorable and girly on account of the way it highlights the lips. Or it can be consolidated with different piercings for a much harder look.

Sexy Medusa Piercing Jewelry that Motivates You:












How to Choose The Right Piercer for Your Medusa Piercing?

One more thing you have to know before getting this, or any sort, of piercing, is the way to pick the privilege piercer. The principal thing you can do is to examine different piercing studios on the Web and read their audits. This is an uncommon industry where even upbeat clients will be happy to leave surveys, so you won’t simply be perusing negative input as you would with organizations in different commercial ventures. You ought to likewise consider conversing with your companions or relatives to discover where they have had piercings done at.

These individuals will have your best enthusiasm for the psyche, so if they know of a spot they have been content with, they will let you know. Notwithstanding, they will likewise let you know if they have utilized a piercer or knew about one who made a totally awful showing. You could likewise visit different piercing organizations and converse with the piercers. You may ask them the amount they charge and the amount of experience they have in the field.

Piercers will likewise normally keep a portfolio, which will indicate photos of the work they have done, and you can take a gander at these to decide how great they truly are. At long last, the best piercers are certified by the American Piercers Affiliation, which is generally alluded to as the APA. This association is extremely thorough about guaranteeing that piercers are forward on piercing methods and that their hardware is spotless. Piercers in this association are the best ones to utilize in light of the fact that they would prefer not to lose their participation qualification since they neglected to meet the upkeep models.


Things to Avoid While Having Medusa Piercing

  • Avoid liquor, peroxide or Betadine to clean the outside of your piercing. They are excessively solid and to a great degree drying to the tissue, which moderates the recuperating process.
  • Try not to apply extra treatments to the piercing, for example, Neosporin, Bacitracin, triple antimicrobials, and so forth, since they keep oxygen from achieving your piercing and the sticky deposit can gather earth and germs.
  • Do not touch your fresh piercing with unwashed hands.
  • Try not to take part in oral sex, or French kissing amid the introductory recuperating.
  • Try not to uncover your fresh piercing to hair shower, body splash, aroma, creams, beautifying agents, and so on.
  • Avoid biting gum, fingernails, pencils, shades, and so forth amid recuperating.
  • Try not to uncover your fresh piercing to waterways, for example, a pool, Jacuzzi, lake, stream, sea, and so on amid mending.
  • Don’t have tobacco items, for example, cigarettes, stogies, bite, and so forth amid mending. Smoking of assorted types expands dangers of intricacies and can stretch ending times.
  • Don’t admission mixed refreshments of any sort for the initial 2 weeks.
  • Don’t admission drinks or sustenance that is hot in temperature, zesty, salty, or acidic for the initial 2 weeks.
  • Try not to take substantial bits while eating. Eat gradually to abstain from gnawing the gems.
  • Try not to play with your adornments amid mending time. Indeed, even subsequent to recuperating, unreasonable play with oral adornments can for all time harm teeth, gums, and oral structures.

Some Helpful Tips Regarding Medusa Piercing:

  • Delicately sucking on the clean ice at whatever point conceivable, particularly amid the initial 48 hours, continues swelling to a base.
  • A calming item, for example, Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, and so on.), can lessen conceivable swelling and uneasiness. Lying down with your head hoisted over your heart can minimize swelling significantly more.
  • Once the swelling dies down, changing to a shorter post on bar-style gems can lessen bothering to your teeth and gums furthermore diminish the danger of gnawing the gems unintentionally.
  • To help your body against disease and recuperate all the more quickly, get a lot of rest, diminish your anxiety level, and keep up a nutritious eating routine. Taking a multi-vitamin mineral supplement that contains zinc and vitamin C might support your body’s mending capacities.
  • Keep in mind, the more advantageous you are, the speedier your piercing will recuperate.
  • Ensure your bedding is perfect and changed much of the time. Leave your adornments in at all times all through the recuperating time. Indeed, even after it ends, it is savvy to abandon it into permit the piercing to “toughen up”, on the grounds that even very much recuperated piercings can psychologist or close rapidly.


Medusa Piercing Inserting Process

You ought to realize that a medusa piercing is thought to be both an oral and a body piercing. Thus, you should fare thee well to guarantee it is ending appropriately. The genuine piercing procedure will include the piercer disinfecting the range to be pierced, and the cleaning substance might sting for a few moments.

From that point, the piercer will utilize a little needle to puncture the range. If it’s not too much trouble take note of that a conventional piercing weapon, similar to the ones used to pierce ears, can’t be utilized on the grounds that it would experience an excessive amount of skin. Because of the nearby area to your gums and the skin all over not being the hardest, this piercing can be somewhat excruciating notwithstanding the needle being genuinely little. The recuperating time is, be that as it may, the torment will keep going for a couple of minutes, and you should do some basic support for aftercare for a couple of weeks after the system.

Most piercers will prescribe that you begin off with a littler stud for the real ring, yet you will have the capacity to extend it somewhat later.


Medusa Piercing Jewelry You Will Enjoy

  • 16g (1.2mm) 14kt Gold Plate – GREEN FIRE Opal – 3mm 4mm or 5mm – (5/16″ – 8mm Barbell) Labret Lip Medusa Cartilage Piercing Jewelry Monroe



  • Rose Gold Earring Labret Stud Gem Medusa Stud Cartilage Earring Helix Piercing Tragus Jewelry Conch Lip Monroe Stud Tiny Stud Earrings



  • 16g (1.2mm) 14kt Gold Plate – WHITE FIRE Opal – 3mm 4mm or 5mm (5/16″ / 8mm) Labret Lip Medusa Monroe Cartilage Jewelry Barbell Piercing



  • Cartilage Stud, Cartilage Earring, Tragus Earring, Tragus Stud, Helix Stud, Medusa Piercing Jewelry, Medusa Jewelry, Medusa Ring, Steel Ball



  • 16g Labret Stud – Unique Monroe Piercing – Body Jewlery – Body Piercing – Lip Barbell – Lip Ring- Medusa Piercing – Surgical Steel



  • Traditional & Ethnic Indian Nose Ring, Stud Jewelry, Philtrum/Medusa Piercing, Gypsy Nose Screw, Nose Trill, Crystal Gem Stone, Tribal Nose Pin



  • White Opal in teardrop shape casting with trinity ball push in 16g bio-flexible tragus /forward helix / lip/medusa piercing (1pc)



  • Opal. Nose Stud. Medusa stud. Indian Tribal belly Dance Piercing Jewelry. Belief jewelry Tribal Nose Stud



  • Medusa Stash. a Bioflex Philtrum Mustache in Neon Colors 16g



  • 16G Light Blue Fire Opal Medusa Monroe Labret Cartilage Piercing 3mm 4mm 5mm




Does a Medusa Piercing Hurt?

If you truly need a medusa piercing, don’t give the thought of the agony a chance to put you off! Like some other piercing, how much a medusa piercing damages differs enormously from individual to individual. A few individuals say that their medusa piercing was excruciating, yet some say it was nothing contrasted with different piercings they have had. There are a ton of nerves in the zone on the lips; however, the medusa piercing is still not thought to be a standout amongst the most excruciating piercings accessible.

The medusa piercing, for the most part, does not have too long a mending period either, contrasted with different piercings, in light of the fact that the mouth has a tendency to recuperate quickly. Be that as it may, similar to whatever other piercing in or around the mouth, it is critical to keep a medusa piercing spotless and hygienic! You ought to make sure to inquire about right aftercare before getting a medusa piercing and try to go to a respectable piercer who can give you solid counsel. You will likewise be watchful about what you eat and drink, and should abstain from smoking for a little time in the wake of getting a medusa piercing.

What is The Aftercare for Medusa Piercing?

For the Outside area of the Piercing:

  • Wash hands altogether with an antibacterial cleanser and warm water before touching your piercing. This is imperative to stay away from general contaminations.
  • Soak piercing with warm water to diminish any dried and hard matter around piercing and gems. Never pick off the dried up matter with fingernails.
  • Apply little measure of cleaning answer for piercing and gems, delicately pivoting the adornments forward and backward through the piercing a couple times to work the arrangement into the piercing.
  • Permit answer for the stay in contact with the piercing for no less than 30 seconds, ideally one moment.
  • Flush the piercing altogether under warm running water, tenderly turning the gems forward and backward again to wash the arrangement out within the piercing.
  • Delicately pat dry with an expandable paper item. Check strung gems to be sure closures are tight. Strong finishes fix in a clockwise turn.
  • Try not to touch until next cleaning time. Clean piercing twice every day amid whole introductory recuperating time. Any piercing question or concern, contact Mysterious Body quickly.

For Inside area of the Piercing:

  • Flush mouth for 30-60 seconds with mouthwash after dinners amid whole starting recuperating time. Try not to utilize more than 4 to 5 times day by day. Non-iodized ocean salt splashes can be utilized as a part of a spot of the mouthwash, or in conjunction with it. A cool water wash can be utilized if there is no mouthwash accessible at the time, in any case, this just keeps sustenance particles far from the piercing, and a mouthwash flush ought to take after as soon as would be prudent.
  • Utilize another delicate abounded toothbrush to lessen the microscopic organisms that are introduced into your mouth. Gently brush the part of the adornments inside your mouth to minimize plaque develops.

What is Normal in this Condition?

Swelling is impeccably typical. To minimize swelling, delicately suck on the clean ice at whatever point conceivable, particularly inside of the initial 48 hours of getting pierced. Slight dying, wounding, staining, and delicacy is additionally ordinary.

Commonly these manifestations will die down inside of the initial 1-2 weeks and might be further minimized if you decrease your admission of ibuprofen, liquor, and caffeine. A whitish-yellowish liquid might emit from your piercing, which coverings on the outside of the adornments and encompassing tissue, this is typical. This liquid demonstrates a piercing. This liquid likewise secrets from within surface of the piercing, be that as it may, it looks somewhat different since it stays wet inside the mouth. This is additionally flawlessly typical and demonstrates amending piercing. Plaque might frame within the jewelry; simply brush the gems tenderly with your new delicate swarmed toothbrush.

Ten Models to Inspire You with Medusa Piercing:

Let’s check out the models now who like having medusa piercing.












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